Radical Renders

by Our Love



This mini-album was originally released under the name ‘render’ and all the tracks titles were short, unintelligible words, such as, ‘spoo.’ This is the last album of electronic music I ever assembled and posted online (before I began ‘Our Love’ in 2013 to re-release old tracks along with new ones). I remember that at the time I had been experimenting with a batch of tracks in a rather aggressive mood, just trying to warp the tracks and beats in frustration, while feeling like I was getting nowhere. I don’t remember why my attitude at that time was so dismissive and discontent; maybe I had already decided to take a hiatus from electronic music or like I was spending too much time on it (also, the weather was shit in upstate New York). The songs were meant to be experiments or ways to take out my aggression, and I didn’t feel like they could or should be extended into full length tracks. Subsequently, I remember rendering every song I had been working on in that period (hence the name ‘render’) into this collection, quickly, right before spring break. I think my intention was only to listen to them on my ipod, but I ended up sending the pack of songs to my friends and posting it online. To my surprise, it received the strongest community reviews I had yet received, people claiming it was my best work, truly unique, really fun to listen to, etc. While I viewed the feedback for this off-the-cuff release as anomalous at the time, in retrospect I see the sophistication of these songs relative to my other ones: the reckless buildups, abrupt changes, alien textures, and hard beats. My angst and depression at that time was definitely captured in these tracks, and it did something interesting for them.


released January 1, 2005




Our Love New York

'Our Love' is electronic pop music made by Dan of Diesel Seagulls and Yellow Lamplight.

Past monikers: Electrocheeze, Beanium, Horsefoosh, DJ Swetpance.

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