Cresting Cellophane traffic light

by Our Love



This mini-album collects some of the last tracks I made in 2005-2006 before going on indefinite hiatus from electronic music. At the time, I felt like I had painted myself into a corner, production-wise. Without my realizing it, my style had developed into what is heard on these tracks: balmy melody lines over lush chords, and driving but subdued beats composed of crisp, mismatched drum samples, usually sourced from 1990's and 1980's sample sets. The sound was clean and somewhat dry, not overly soaked in reverb, as if composed on low-cost keyboards. I was taken with the innocent, beach-like and pastoral quality that the songs had evolved towards, but perhaps a little self-conscious about their lack of "edge." At the same time, new things in my life like school, work, and different forms of expression began to push electronic production out of my life. Nevertheless, I listened to songs like 'A Lot of Horses is Horses' (the title taken from a SPAM email), 'Bottle Cap Monocle' and 'Needs Sea Salt' frequently, for enjoyment. When I was later grouping my raw material into albums for Our Love, I realized these particular songs, all made around the same time, had a unified style (the innocent/pastoral sound I previously mentioned), and I felt a sense of resolution from putting them together on this one album for posterity, celebration, and future enjoyment.


released January 5, 2014




Our Love New York

'Our Love' is electronic pop music made by Dan of Diesel Seagulls and Yellow Lamplight.

Past monikers: Electrocheeze, Beanium, Horsefoosh, DJ Swetpance.

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